Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

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“Why is my hair falling?” It is a question that bothers almost every woman at least once in a lifetime. However, the situation is not worth the panic. The reasons for hair loss can be different, and not all of them require immediate reaction. Find out the triggers of hair loss. Read how you can get your perfect hair back!

The Signs of Hair Thinning

We lose from 80 to 100 strands each day, but they are replaced by new ones. This process is normal. There is also no reason to worry even if your hair is falling out so much and even above this number, yet the hair density stays steady and you do not see your scalp in patches.

However, the signs of abnormal hair loss include:

– Sudden hair shedding without new strands.

– Itching and brittle hair.

– Dandruff.

If these symptoms bother you too much, it is time to visit a doctor.


Why Is My Hair Thinning: The Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss ?

The reasons for hair loss in later adulthood are:

– Hormones. Adult women can also become victims of hair loss because of thyroid disorders or hormonal disorders that may occur during pregnancy, postpartum period, and menopause. After delivery, the symptoms of losing hair should disappear within 6-12 months. In all other cases, hormonal treatment is the most probable solution.

– Excessive hair loss can also have hereditary roots and depend on genetics. But don’t worry if your dad went bald at his 30; the genetic predisposition to baldness is inherited only by the male line and it is not passed from fathers to daughters.

– Stress. It is a very common reason for hair diseases. So, in case of strong or long-lasting mental worries, try to support your body with vitamins, healthy food, and sleep.

– Medications and chemotherapy can also cost you a lot of hair. In such cases, you can try to replace the medication, if possible. If you can’t change it, then you need to stock up on patience; after the course of treatment is over, the hair loss will recede.

– Nutritional deficiency also leads to hair problems. Such issues are primarily caused by the lack of iron, fatty amino acids, and B vitamins. This problem can be solved by adding sea fish, nuts, whole wheat bread, and flaxseed oil to your diet.


– Mono-diets that women often follow for weight loss can also cause severe hair problems. Just give up such a quick way to lose weight, and your hair will return to its original condition.

– Birth control pills act on the endocrine system. The thing is that oral contraceptives can cause increased production of male sex hormones. It can also cause hair loss as a side effect of pills. Consult your doctor to improve the situation, and choose another method of contraception.

– Scalp diseases including lupus, fungal infections, and psoriasis are also widespread reasons. They may result in more than normal hair loss. The lichen comes from animals and results in the loss of clumps of hair. In such cases, you should start visiting a trichologist for a treatment program.

– Styling. Yes, hairdryers, hair irons, and washing hair in hot water are also common reasons that can make your hair brittle. The main culprit is the high temperature that destroys keratin in the hair and it becomes dry and thin. But do not worry; stop drying your hair with hot air and use a more delicate regime, try not to use specialized irons often, and always put on a cap in the shower.

Prevention of Hair Loss

It seems like it is easier to prevent the problems than to untie this tangled hairball of causes and consequences, isn’t it? Therefore, we have generated a couple of really good tips that can prevent or stop your hair loss:

– Fix your diet and sleep. As we already know, stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss. So, if you want to win this challenge, then you will have to start loving yourself.

– Minimize your hair routine and try not to use hot air in styling. If you know the hairstyle that will help you to dry your hair naturally, you definitely should go for it.

– Use hair treatments like argan oil mask. Apply them twice a week along the hairline for 15-20 minutes before hair wash.

– Don’t ignore the professional opinion if your hair loss is increasing. Visit a trichologist.

We hope you’ve found the answer to the urgent question “Why my hair is falling out?” and this article will help avoid problems with your hair in the future.

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