7 Ways To Get Rid of Greasy Hair

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People’s hair types vary, but among the many hair problems, the most common one is greasy hair. The excess oil produced by your scalp makes your hair stick to your scalp and look greasy, which can really take a toll on our appearance.

So what is the reason for greasy hair? How to solve the problem of greasy hair? This time BINGO has summarized 7 common causes of oily hair to help your hair return to normal. If you wash your hair regularly but still suffer from greasy hair, let’s explore together what’s wrong.

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Stress is the most common factor that causes oily scalp. Because the nerve endings deep in the skin are connected to the sebaceous glands, and the sebaceous glands and nerve endings have a joint effect, excessive work and life pressure will stimulate the nerve endings, causing the sebaceous glands to overproduce oil. When scalp problems such as dandruff, itching, dryness, oiliness, and tingling occur, these are concentrated manifestations of scalp discomfort.

Solution: Reduce the stress in life, maintain an optimistic and positive attitude, and do not be overly nervous, anxious, or panicked. Participate in more outdoor sports and relax yourself.

Frequent Use of Hair Dryer

Most people like to blow dry their hair with a hair dryer immediately after washing it. In fact, overuse of a hair dryer is also one of the causes of oily scalp. Hair follicles are particularly sensitive to temperature. The hot air from a hair dryer will damage the hair follicles, and the hot air will cause the scalp to lose water severely. When the water and oil are imbalanced, the sebaceous glands of the scalp will over-secret oil to protect the skin surface.

Solution: Control the temperature when using a hair dryer to avoid damaging your hair with hot air. In order to make your hair more voluminous, the blow-drying process is also very important. When blow-drying, blow your hair all the way down and against the direction of combing your hair, which will also make your hair “taller”.

Exposure to UV Rays for A Long Time

Ultraviolet rays can cause the scalp to produce oil more quickly and cause hair loss. Because the collagen in the skin will be lost due to ultraviolet rays, just like the facial skin, the scalp will become very dry and will also age significantly. Exposure to the sun will also speed up the secretion of sweat on your head.

Solution: It’s best to limit outdoor activities when burning sun. When going out for activities, parasols and sunhats are good choices. Avoid prolonged exposure to the scorching sun.

Wash Your Hair Too Frequently

Washing your hair too frequently can also lead to a greasy scalp, because if you wash your hair every day, the oil on the surface of the scalp will be washed away, resulting in an imbalance of water and oil. The oil glands will secrete more oil, causing the scalp to become increasingly oily.

Solution: The most reasonable time to wash your hair should be 48 hours apart. People whose hair gets oily too quickly can just keep it to once a day.

Unreasonable Daily Diet

Excessive intake of sugar and oil in daily life will cause the skin to become more oily. If the situation is severe, oil secretion will worsen the environment of the scalp, absorbing a large amount of dust, making the hair dull, greasy and tangled. It can also clog hair follicles, leading to seborrheic alopecia.

Exciting foods including chili, mustard, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, etc. can cause a large amount of oil secretion. It is also difficult for scalp that is deprived of nutrients for a long time to grow healthy hair. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the intake of nutrients and vitamins in our daily diet.

Solution: Learn to control your diet and reduce the intake of irritating foods. Eat more vegetables, soy products and other foods that are good for your hair. Also take vitamin supplements in time.

Changes in Body Hormones

Irregular daily routine and frequent staying up late can cause endocrine disorders.  Excess oil production may also occur during periods of hormonal imbalance, such as puberty, menstruation, or pregnancy. When this problem occurs, most of the time we only notice the facial problem. In fact, the scalp is also affected.

Solution: Participate in more outdoor sports and adjust your biological clock. Give your scalp an efficient SPA, you can go to a hair salon or give yourself a massage at home. This can promote scalp blood circulation, accelerate scalp metabolism, relieve scalp tension and fatigue, and improve scalp resistance.

Wrong Selection and Use of Hair Products

If greasy hair choose a very nourishing shampoo, it may stimulate the scalp to produce oil. If not cleaned in time after using shampoo and styling products, there will be a lot of residue on your scalp, which can easily cause hair problems. Excessive use of chemical hair products will isolate your hair from the air for a long time. This will not only make your scalp environment unhealthy, but also make your scalp more oily.

Solution: For oily hair, it is recommended to choose some shampoo with good oil control effect. Shampoo containing rosemary and mint ingredients can effectively regulate oil secretion and clean the scalp.

If your scalp is oily and you have a lot of dandruff, you can choose Keratin Clarifying Shampoo, which can deeply cleanse and repair your damaged scalp, removing dandruff more gently and healthily. When washing your hair, rinse it at least twice and don’t let residue from shampoo and styling products stay on your scalp.

Try not to use chemical hair products for a long time. When perming or dyeing your hair, it is recommended to use hair treatment products such as SDU hair treatment to allow the hair to react chemically and repair the hair bond at the same time. After reading these, hope it can bring you new ideas and good solutions to solve your greasy hair problems.

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