Wonderful Review: BINGO shines at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

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  • 2024-04-12
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From March 21st to 24th, BINGO Cosmetic Manufacture Ltd. appeared at the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in Italy. The exhibition was very popular, and various new products attracted people’s attention. BINGO`s booth became a popular point. Slide! Let’s review the highlights of the exhibition with me.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is one of the largest and most important beauty industry exhibitions in the world. It is also the vane of the global beauty industry. It covers all fields of the beauty industry and attracts the attention of elites from all walks of life.

On the day of the exhibition, BINGO’s booth became a popular point. Customers came one after another to learn about the new products, even tried them directly, and exchanged product details with our professional business team.

Especially our new Rosemary Mint Hair Care Collection and Hair Color Shampoo, it has been loved by the vast number of new and old customers, and some customers enthusiastically placed orders on the spot.

The high praise of the products is inseparable from the Natural concept in the product research and development of BINGO Cosmetic. We believe that our lives are inseparable from the gifts of nature. Nature gives us the vitality of life. How to apply the power of natural plants to our products , is the focus of our current research and development.

Since its establishment 23 years ago, Bingo Cosmetic has always insisted on coexisting with nature and taking the road of sustainable development. From the source material, to the packaging material, to the transportation process. We are working hard in every step of production: using raw materials without animal testing, reducing unnecessary consumption and use of plastic products, increasing the use of renewable materials, reducing carbon emissions, and protecting the ecological environment.
The products produced according to this concept not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but are also of excellent quality. Bingo Cosmetic has passed multiple international certifications including CPNP, and its products are exported to 81 countries and regions.

Practicing the concept of low carbon and creating a green future together, Bingo Cosmetic will continue to adhere to the original intention of sustainable development, bring more environmentally friendly and natural products to consumers, and be a pioneer in environmental protection starting from the product source.

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