Should You Choose Dark or Light hair?

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When choosing hair color, many people will be very concerned about whether the hair color matches their skin color. However, in fact, the choice of hair color not only depends on skin color, but also needs to be selected based on the characteristics of the facial features, so that it can better show off personal temperament and style. We will start by judging whether you are suitable for light or dark hair, so that during the subsequent hair dyeing process, you can accurately select the hair color that best suits you.

Skin Tone

The first step is to look at your skin tone. Skin tone is divided into two parts: 1. Warm and cold 2. Lightness. The coldness and warmth of your skin tone affect the suitable warm and cold tones, and the brightness determines whether you are suitable for dark or light hair color.

1. Warm or Cool Skin Tone

There are five common skin tones:

  • Light beige skin tone: warm and lighter skin tone, suitable for light hair color.
  • Warm yellow skin tone: Warm skin tone, yellowish complexion, suitable for natural warm hair color.
  • Dark yellow skin tone: warm and dark wheat tone, suitable for dark warm brown or black.
  • Cold white skin tone: Cold skin tone, the whitest skin tone, suitable for black or light hair color.
  • Cold yellow skin tone: cool skin tone, brown and olive tone, suitable for black or dark cool brown.

Other/judgment basis:

  • Natural hair and eye color: darker = cool skin tone, brown = warm skin tone
  • Lip color: Orange-pink = warmer skin tone, Rose-pink = cooler skin tone
  • Gold and silver accessories/warm and cold lipstick/clothing judgment:
  • Use golden/warm colors = warm skin tone
  • Use silver/cool colors = cool skin tone

Hair color classification:

  • Suitable for warm skin tone: yellow, gold, orange, warm brown, etc.;
  • Cool skin tone are suitable for: blue-black, blue-gray, cold brown, gray-purple, black, etc.;
  • After confirming the warm and cold tones, consider the skin tone and facial features to choose a specific hair color!

2. Skin tone and brightness

Lightness refers to the depth of skin tone, High lightness has a fair skin tone, low lightness has a darker skin tone, and medium lightness has a natural skin tone. The higher the skin lightness, the wider the range of choices, which is suitable for light hair color, medium lightness is suitable for natural hair color, and low lightness is suitable for darker hair color.

Facial Structure

Facial structure can also determine whether we are more suitable for dark or light hair color. and facial structure is divided into two parts: 1. Facial lines 2. Facial features

1. Facial lines

Facial lines refer to the tendency of face shape and facial features, which are divided into soft and sharp types.

  • Soft type: The lines are softer, smooth and full, suitable for light hair color.
  • Sharp type: The facial lines and bones are sharp and angular, strong and suitable for dark hair colors.

2. Sense of facial features

  • Massive facial features: grand, three-dimensional, mature, and thick-faced.
  • A small amount of facial features: small facial features, a lot of white space on the face, dull facial features, and a light face.
  • A small amount of facial features is suitable for light hair colors, and a large amount of facial features is suitable for dark hair colors.

If you have a very fair complexion, you no longer need to worry about whether the skin is cold or warm. Just look at the facial features. For example, if you have a high-brightness skin color, the facial features have a soft and small feel, which is suitable for all kinds of light and warm hair.

Overall Temperament

  • The final step is to determine hair color through style
  • There is a general classification of styles: warm and cold styles
  • Cool style: cool, glamorous, and capable, suitable for cool and dark colors.
  • Warm style: soft, approachable, sweet, suitable for warm-toned hair colors.

If you are not sure about warmth or coldness, you can choose hair color according to your style;

People with fashionable/avant-garde/sweet and spicy styles can dye their hair with light hair to increase their sense of fashion.

For people with a classic/stable/grand/cool style, dark hair color can better highlight their style features.

People with a gentle/elegant/pure natural style are suitable for natural hair colors, such as milk tea, black tea, and dark brown.

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