How To Take Care of Your Scalp Daily ?

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As our second face, scalp care cannot be ignored. We need to pay attention to all aspects such as scalp moisturizing and oil control. In the hot summer, it is even more important to soothe, calm and cool down the hot and itchy scalp. Four key points of scalp care must be kept in mind. Before and after dyeing and blow-drying your hair at home, avoid misunderstandings.

1. The scalp should also be cooled down in summer

The high temperature in summer brings with it problems such as scalp sensitivity and itching. If it is not cared for in time, not only may the scalp age prematurely, but hair loss will also continue to be a problem. When it comes to scalp care in summer, the first priority is sun protection. When the temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly or the scalp feels stuffy, timely measures should be taken to cool down. Choose a mild scalp serum and shampoo rich in mint ingredients, and place the cooling product on the scalp for 30 seconds, just like applying a mask to cool down the scalp. This not only inhibits oil secretion and reduces head odor, but also relieves scalp discomfort. However, please note that cooling hair products should not be used more than 2-3 times a week to avoid the risk of irritation.

2. The hair dryer is 20 cm away

As we all know, heat damage is not only a threat to the appearance of hair, but also a major hazard to scalp health. Especially in the hot summer, due to the increase in body temperature and the influence of high-temperature blowing from a hair dryer, the scalp is prone to symptoms such as excessive secretion of oil, feeling stuffy and uncomfortable all day long, and unbearable itching. In order to avoid these situations, it is recommended to use a low-temperature blow dryer when blowing hair in summer, and keep the distance between the hair dryer and the hair between 20 and 30 centimeters to reduce the stimulation of excessive heat on the scalp and avoid sweating again after drying the hair. You can also use heat protection products before drying your hair to protect your scalp and hair.

3. Wait 3 months between hair dyeing

Many people use hair dye products at home to change their hair styles. How to avoid dye irritating the scalp? When professionals style your hair at the salon, they will strictly control the condition of your scalp. However, when dyeing your hair at home, please pay attention to the following points: first, avoid using strong cleaning products such as anti-dandruff shampoo before dyeing your hair; second, you can apply scalp care oil or Vaseline on the scalp and forehead before applying dye and the back of the ears; finally, there should be at least 3 to 6 months between each hair dyeing to prevent scalp inflammation and sensitivity.

4. Wash your hair less often at home

If you spend more time at home during a certain period of time and go out less often, you can also reduce the frequency of washing your hair. In the face of unstable temperatures and changeable climates, appropriately reducing the number of hair washes is beneficial to scalp health. Experts suggest that, depending on the personal scalp cleanliness, you can wash your hair every two or three days; those with oily scalps should wash their hair every day, people with normal, mixed and dry scalps can adjust the frequency of hair washing according to oil secretion, flat hair or feeling of stuffy discomfort. In addition, choosing shampoo products with refreshing texture, elegant fragrance and simple ingredients in summer can also help alleviate problems such as excessive scalp nutrition and clogged hair follicles.

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