How To Treat Split Ends ?

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Many people like to have long hair, but long hair also faces the trouble of split ends. No matter how long or beautiful your hair is, as soon as the ends are split, your image will be affected.

But many times hair splitting is not so easy to solve. Slight hair splitting only needs to be trimmed in time. If the hair splits are severe, not only will it be difficult to trim, but it will also affect the normal growth of the hair. So why does the hair near the scalp grow well, but the hair at the tail is prone to split ends?

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Why Does Hair Split

From the perspective of hair growth characteristics, hair growth starts from the root and continuously pushes the hair shaft out from the hair follicle. The hair shaft part of the hair is the hair cuticle, cortex, and medulla in order from the outer layer to the inner layer.

The more complete and neatly arranged the hair cuticles are, the smoother and glossier the hair will be. On the contrary, if the hair cuticles become raised, the hair will lose internal moisture and nutrients, and the hair will naturally become dry, rough, and dull. Split ends are also caused by the hair cuticles not sticking together and losing their ability to lock in moisture, causing the hair fibers to spread out.

In addition, the hair shaft is constantly in contact with the outside world and is subject to constant wear and tear, such as towel wiping, hair drying, bad hair care habits, external traction and ultraviolet radiation, etc. Therefore, the hair at the root is generally thicker than the tip. Many people have split ends, and the hair becomes dryer, which are all caused by these factors.

Common Factors Leading to Split Ends

1. Malnutrition

Hair also needs nutrients to nourish it. Hair without nutrients will have many problems. The nutrients for hair come from our daily food. If you are picky about food, the nutrients in your hair will not only be insufficient, but will also be lost, eventually leading to problems such as dry, frizzy, and split ends.

2. Excessive perm and dyeing

Many people like to style their hair, and an occasional perm or dye will not have a big impact. However, if you frequently perm or dye your hair, the repeated use of chemicals can also lead to split ends.

3. External damage

After the hair is exposed to the sun, the hair scales on the surface of the hair will be damaged, causing the hair to become frizzy, dry and split. Therefore, sun protection for hair cannot be ignored.
After going out, you should wash your hair well, especially if it has been exposed to the sun or soaked in sea water, and you should thoroughly moisturize the damaged hair.

4. Improper use of hair dryer

If the temperature of the hair dryer is too high, it will cause damage to the hair, which will lead to split ends and loss of color. Therefore, it is better to use the hair dryer less. When using, it is also recommended to keep a distance or use a low temperature setting to blow hair.

How to Treat Split Ends ?

First of all, it is necessary to cut off the hair that has split ends.

Because once your hair splits, it’s difficult to repair it. Because the hair cuticles are severely damaged and the hair fibers have spread apart, split ends cannot be repaired even if you go to the barber shop every day to smooth them. If you want to reduce hair splits, start with daily care.

1. Daily Hair Care

Choose weakly acidic + amino acid-rich hair care products. The weak acidity can protect the hair scales, and the amino acid additives can effectively replenish the loss of the hair’s own amino acids and improve hair quality.

2. Comb Hair More Frequently

Stimulating the scalp with a comb every day and massaging while combing can promote blood circulation in the scalp, improve the nutritional supply of the hair, and reduce hair splits.

3. Maintain Adequate Nutrition

Supplement more nutrients in your daily life, such as protein. Protein is the main component of hair. Eat more protein-rich foods such as eggs, meat, beans, and milk.

4. Moderate Perm and Dyeing

If your hair already has severe split ends, don’t try perming it just yet. The alkaline components and oxidation in perms and dyes will damage the scales and internal structure of the hair surface, making the hair prone to dryness, splitting or even falling off. The frequency of perm and dyeing should be no more than once every six months. Choose perm and dye products with good quality and less damage.

5. Trim your hair regularly

Every one to two months, you can go to the barber shop to repair the split ends of your hair.
Regular hair trimming can not only prevent the occurrence of split ends, but also make the hair look smooth and shiny, and can also promote better hair growth.

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