Is It Bad To Sleep With Wet Hair?

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Is it bad to sleep with wet hair?

Can sleeping with wet hair cause dandruff and itchy scalp? 

There are things in the beauty world that we don’t question because we hear them again and again. They say don’t go to bed when your hair is wet. You know it from your own experience, for in the morning it’s quite difficult to deal with it.

What happens in such cases? Hair dries, but it takes a wrong shape. You even have to re-wet it to make the styling you want. However, it’s not the end of the world!

How To Sleep With Wet Hair ?

If you don’t use a hairdryer after taking an evening shower, you’ve got two options – either you wake up with your hair sticking out in all directions or with tangled ends. Are there any ways to prevent that? Check out the best ways to sleep with wet hair:

  • Silk pillowcase. Before trying any other option, you should consider buying a silk pillowcase. Many girls wonder how to sleep with wet hair to make it wavy. Here’s the solution: this pillowcase will make the strands wind up every time you turn in your sleep and prevent your hair from tangling.
  • Conditioner or spray. It will smooth out your hair and give it extra shine. After taking a shower, apply your hair care product and distribute it through the length. This is advice for those who want to know how to sleep with wet hair and keep it straight.
  • French braid. Though a common braid may seem a tempting idea, you may face the unwanted fluffiness in the morning. Try a French braid starting from the very top. This will prevent the hair from partial waving and it won’t get frizzy.

Myths and Truth About Sleeping with Wet Hair

There are some guesses about spending the night with wet hair. Let’s dispel some of them if necessary:

  • Does sleeping with wet hair give you a sore throat?

No. Viruses don’t care whether your head is dry or wet. It’s only true that over-cooling reduces immunity. However, you won’t get a cold just because you sleep with wet hair.

  • Can it cause dandruff?

If you have a disposition to dandruff, sleeping with wet hair may aggravate the problem. Besides, it can cause irritation and itchy scalp.

  • Can it cause blindness?

This assumption is wrong. You won’t lose your sight if you sleep with wet hair.

  • Can sleeping with wet hair cause lice?

That’s just another myth, though it’s believed that wet pillows may be attractive for various microorganisms and even feather mites.

  • Does it cause mental disorders?

No, it doesn’t. You surely won’t get crazy if you don’t dry your hair before going to bed.

  • Can sleeping with wet hair cause hair loss?

When your hair is wet, it tangles quite easily and gets more fragile and vulnerable to breaking and split ends. However, hair loss is quite often a hereditary disease or a consequence of other health problems. Just sleeping with wet hair 1-2 times per month will not cause it, we swear.

  • Can you sleep with wet tape-in hair extensions?

You surely shouldn’t do it. In case you wear tape-in hair extensions, you’d better dry your hair before going to bed.

  • Can you sleep on a silk pillowcase with wet hair?

Yes, it’s a nice idea, since a silk pillowcase can reduce the frictions that cause problems with styling. Another question is how to sleep with wet curly hair to look nice in the morning. Well, there are some options for this including a high bun or braids. Now you see that despite some side effects, sleeping with wet hair can be taken under control, and easy life hacks help deal with your hairdo.

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