How To Properly Care For Your Scalp ?

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Scalp Structural Characteristics

The scalp belongs to skin. The skin on the head has the same physiological structure as the skin on other parts of the body, but it has many characteristics compared with the skin on the face.

1. The number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles in the skin of the head is much larger than that of the facial skin, and the metabolic cycle is shorter than that of the facial skin. It secretes oil faster, the environment is more humid, and it is more difficult to clean due to the obstruction of hair. Features. Therefore, a moist, oil-rich scalp environment is more likely to breed microorganisms and cause scalp problems such as dandruff.

2. The skin on the head is thinner than the skin on the face (second only to the skin around the eyes), so it is more sensitive and ages faster. In other words, the scalp may be more sensitive to external stimulation than the face, and it is more prone to skin problems such as itching. In addition, the aging of the scalp affects the growth of hair follicles and hair on the one hand. On the other hand, the relaxation of the scalp will also cause the entire face to “sag and relax”, visually making people look older.

3. The subcutaneous tissue of the scalp is rich in blood vessels and nerves. The condition of the scalp is more easily affected by emotions, stress, etc. It is also susceptible to endocrine effects, causing hair loss, gray hair and other problems.

How To Care For Your Scalp ?

1. Correct concept of scalp care

The scalp, like the facial skin, can also suffer from itching, sensitivity, dryness and tightness. However, the only way to care for the scalp that we are familiar with at present is timely cleaning (shampooing), so scalp care and facial skin care should be given equal importance. Even more important parts, such as the scalp, also need to be soothed and replenished with moisture and lipids. In addition, scalp care can also help solve other head problems, such as hair loss, gray hair, dandruff and other head-specific problems. Therefore, head care should not just use shampoo to clean, but should use corresponding care products according to the corresponding head problems and perform appropriate massage.

2. Correct cleaning method

People whose scalps are more oily or suffer from dandruff are particularly prone to the problem of “over-cleaning” their scalps. In order to wash away excess oil or dandruff, use a shampoo with strong cleaning and fat removal capabilities, and vigorously scratch your scalp to clean it. This is a wrong way of cleaning. On the one hand, products with excessive cleaning power will not only wash away sebum, but also take away some structural lipids of the epidermis (an important component of the skin barrier), destroy the skin barrier, and make the scalp dry and itchy; on the other hand, excessive Cleaning may cause the scalp to secrete more sebum, or cause more dandruff the more you wash it. Therefore, you should use a milder detergent to wash your hair and massage it with your fingertips to lather.

3. Use scalp care products

Different scalp care products can be used for different head problems. There are already many cosmetics on the market for scalp care, such as scalp moisturizing lotions that can hydrate and moisturize, scalp soothing lotions that repair damaged barriers or soothe sensitive scalps or essential oils, essences that prevent hair loss, etc. You should follow these instructions For your own head problems, choose head care products reasonably instead of rejecting them.

4. Develop good living habits and properly massage your scalp

Because the tissue under the scalp is rich in blood vessels and nerves, the state of the scalp is easily affected by internal factors such as emotions and endocrine factors. Therefore, in addition to external scalp care products, you should also develop good living habits, regular diet and work and rest, and maintain a comfortable mood. At the same time, you should also control your hands at ordinary times, and do not scratch your scalp with your nails when your scalp is itchy, so as not to cause more head problems. You can also use a comb or fingertips to massage your scalp to relax the scalp and speed up blood circulation in the scalp.

Gently massage your scalp when shampooing to stimulate blood circulation. This can help promote hair growth and improve the overall health of your scalp.
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