Step-by-Step Guide- Applying Permanent Wave Lotion at Home

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Embark on a transformative hair adventure with a do-it-yourself permanent wave! Immerse yourself in the world of curls and waves, leaving your hair exhilarated and brimming with life. With a little patience and the right tools, you can unveil the siren of your hair, unleashing its hidden allure.

Materials You’ll Need:

– Permanent wave lotion

– Neutralizing solution

– End papers

– Perming rods

– Gloves

– Towels

– Ruler

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Prepare Your Hair: Begin with freshly washed hair, but avoid conditioners or styling products. Towel dry until damp.

2. Section Your Hair: Divide your hair into manageable sections and secure them with clips.

3. Apply End Papers: Place end papers around the ends of your hair to protect them from the perm solution.

4. Wind Rods: Choose appropriate-sized perm rods for your desired curl pattern. Wind sections of hair around the rods, starting from the bottom and working your way upwards.

5. Apply Perm Lotion: Wear gloves and apply the permanent wave lotion to the hair on the rods. Saturate thoroughly, ensuring even coverage.

6. Processing Time: Follow the instructions on the perm lotion for the recommended processing time. This varies depending on your hair type and the perm solution used.

7. Neutralizing Solution: Rinse the perm lotion thoroughly from your hair. Apply the neutralizing solution and leave it on for the indicated time. This stops the perming process and restores the pH balance of your hair.

8. Rinse and Style: Rinse the neutralizing solution and style your hair as desired. Avoid harsh brushing or heat styling for the first few days to allow the perm to fully set.

Tips for Success:

– Use high-quality perm lotion to minimize hair damage.

– Don’t overlap hair strands when winding rods.

– Check the processing time regularly to avoid over-perming.

– Deep condition your hair after the perm to nourish and protect it.

– Enjoy your beautiful, newly permed hair!

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