Perm Perfection- Dos and Don’ts of Using Perm Cream

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A perm, short for permanent wave, is a chemical treatment that transforms straight hair into luscious curls or waves. While perms can enhance your hair’s texture and volume, it’s crucial to approach the process with care to achieve optimal results and minimize damage. “Perm Perfection: Dos and Don’ts of Using Perm Cream” provides essential guidance to navigate the perm process safely and effectively.

Selecting the Right Products

The foundation of a successful perm lies in choosing the appropriate perm cream. Different cream formulations cater to varying hair types and textures. Consult your hairstylist to determine the strength and type of perm cream that suits your specific hair needs.

Hair Preparation

Before applying the perm cream, it’s imperative to prepare your hair to maximize absorption and reduce the risk of breakage. Avoid washing your hair for at least 24 hours prior to the treatment. This allows your hair’s natural oils to accumulate, providing a protective barrier.

Application Techniques

Meticulous application of the perm cream is crucial to achieve even and consistent curls. Divide your hair into sections and carefully apply the cream to each strand, ensuring thorough saturation. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the cream evenly throughout your hair. Avoid over-applying the cream, as this can lead to excessive damage.

Processing Time

The processing time of the perm cream determines the curl pattern and the longevity of the results. Follow the recommended processing time based on your hair type and the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid leaving the cream on for too long, as this can cause hair breakage and damage.


Once the processing time is complete, it’s essential to neutralize the perm cream to stop its chemical action. The neutralizer stabilizes the curls and restores your hair’s pH balance. Apply the neutralizer as per the instructions and leave it on for the specified time.

Aftercare Essentials

Post-perm care is paramount to maintain healthy and beautiful curls. Avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after the treatment to allow the curls to set properly. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to preserve the curls and prevent fading. Regular deep conditioning treatments are also recommended to replenish moisture and strengthen your hair.

Avoid Pitfalls

To prevent mishaps and ensure a successful perm experience, steer clear of certain pitfalls. Do not perm hair that has been recently bleached or chemically treated, as it can increase the risk of breakage. Avoid using hot tools, such as curling irons or blow dryers, immediately after a perm, as heat can weaken the curls.

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