DIY Hairstyling Tips with Matte Styling Clay

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Unlock the secrets of coiffured chaos with the enigmatic artistry of matte styling clay. Embark on a journey of textural exploration and unyielding hold, as we delve into the realm of DIY hairstyling with this malleable muse.

Section 1: Understanding Matte Styling Clay

Matte styling clay is a unique hair product that offers a pliable and textured finish, akin to the rugged elegance of freshly sculpted clay. Its ultra-matte appearance imparts a natural, windswept look, leaving your hair with a coveted “undone” sophistication.

Section 2: Essential Tools and Techniques

To achieve mesmerizing coiffures with matte styling clay, you’ll need the following tools:

A small amount of matte styling clay

A comb or brush

Optional: Hairdryer or diffuser

Start by working a small amount of clay into your palms and distributing it evenly through damp or dry hair. Use your fingers to create texture and volume, or use a comb or brush to smooth and define. If desired, use a hairdryer or diffuser to enhance texture and hold.

Section 3: Basic Hairstyles with Matte Styling Clay

a) Textured Quiff: Apply clay to the roots and texture the top using your fingers or a comb. Smooth the sides and back for a sleek contrast.

b) Tousled Waves: Evenly distribute clay through damp hair. Use a diffuser or scrunch your hair to create loose, effortless waves.

c) Edgy Undercut: Apply clay to the sides and back, leaving the top longer. Smooth the top into place and use your fingers to add texture to the shaved areas.

Section 4: Advanced Techniques

a) Braided Texture: Braid damp hair and apply clay to the braids. Unbraid to reveal intricate texture and volume.

b) Fringe with Height: Apply clay to the fringe area and blow-dry upwards to create volume and definition.


Unleash your inner hairstylist and experiment with the myriad possibilities of matte styling clay. From effortless waves to edgy undercuts, the transformative power of this malleable medium will redefine your hairstyling game. Embrace the rough-hewn allure of matte clay and let your coiffure speak volumes.

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